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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The table below contains agenda packets and minutes the 2017 Board of Aldermen meetings.

July 18, 2017Regular SessionAGENDA MINUTES
August 1, 2017Regular SessionPendingMINUTES
August 15, 2017Regular SessionAGENDAMINUTES
September 5, 2017Regular SessionPendingMINUTES
September 14, 2017Special MeetingAgendaMINUTESing
September 19, 2017Regular SessionAGENDA

October 3, 2017Regular Session PendingMINUTES
October 17, 2017Regular SessionAGENDAMINUTES
November 7, 2017Regular SessionAGENDAMINUTES
November 21, 2017Regular SessionPendingMINUTES
December 5, 2017Regular SessionPendingPending
December 19, 2017Regular SessionPendingPending
February 6, 2018Regular Session AgendaMinutes
February 20, 2018Regular Session AgendaPending
September 18, 2018Regular Session AgendaMinutes
October 2, 2018Regular Session AgendaMinutes
October 2, 2018Regular Session MinutesMinutes
October 16, 2018Regular Session minutesminutes
October 16, 2018Regular Session minutesminutes
November 6, 2018Regular Session agendaminutes
November 6, 2018Regular Session minutesminutes
November 15, 2018Regular AgendaMinutes
November 27, 2018Regular Session AgendaMinutes
November 15, 2018Regular SessionAgendaMinutes
January 8th, 2019Regular Session Part 1 AgendaMinutes
January 8th, 2019Regular Session Part 2AgendaMinutes
January 8th, 2019Regular Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
January 8th, 2019Regular Meeting Video meetingmeeting
January 22nd, 2019Regular SessionAgendaMinutes
February 5th, 2019Regular Session Regular SessionRegular Session
February 19th, 2019Regular SessionAgendaMinutes
February 26th, 2019Regular Session Agenda
February 26th, 2019Regular Session VideoVideo
March 5th, 2019Regular SessionRegular MeetingRegular Meeting
March 5th, 2019Revised Agenda agendaMinutes
February 26, 2019Regular Meeting Minutes Regular Meeting MinutesRegular
March 5th, 2019Regular MeetingVideoVideo
March 5th, 2019Regular Meeting Minutesminutesminutes
March 11th, 2019Special Meeting Special MeetingMinutes
March 19th, 2019Regular Meeting AgendaAgenda
March 19th, 2019Regular Meeting MinutesMinutes
March 19th, 2019Council Meeting Video videovideo
April 4th, 2019Regular Meeting Regular MeetingRegular Meeting
April 4th, 2019Council Meeting VideoCouncil VideoVideo
April 4th, 2019Regular Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
April 8th, 2019Special Meeting Special MeetingSpecial Meeting
April 16th, 2019Regular MeetingRegular MeetingMeeting
April 16th, 2019Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
April 16th, 2019Video VideoVideo
April 23rd, 2019Special Meeting Special MinutesMinutes
April 30th, 2019Revised AgendaRevised AgendaRevised Agenda
April 30th, 2019Special Meeting MinutesSpecial Meeting MinutesMinutes
May6, 2019Veterans Memorial MeetingVeterans MeetingVeterans Meeting
May 7th, 2019Regular Meeting MeetingMeeting
May 7th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
May 7th, 2019Meeting Minutes MinutesMinutes
May 13th, 2019Special MeetingSpecial MeetingSpecial Meeting
May 13th, 2019Special Meeting Special MeetingSpecial Meeting
May 13th, 2019Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
May 14th, 2019Special MeetingMeetingMeeting
May 14th, 2019Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
May 21st, 2019Water & Sewer Committee MeetingMeetingMeeting
May 21, 2019Regular Meeting-AgendaAgendaAgenda
May 21st, 2019VideoVideoVideo
May 21st, 2019Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
May 30th, 2019Special Agenda MeetingMeetingMeeting
May 30th, 2019Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
June 4th, 2019AgendaagendaAgenda
June 4th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
June 4th, 2019MeetingMeetingMeeting
June 5th, 2019Special MeetingMeetingMeeting
June 5th, 2019Special Minutes MinutesMinutes
June 11th, 2019Special MeetingSpecial MeetingSpecial Meeting
June 18th, 2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
June18, 2019Agenda MinutesMinutesMinutes
June 18th, 2019YouTubeyoutubeYouTube
June 20th, 2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
June 20th, 2019Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
July 2nd, 2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
July 2nd, 2019Additional AgendaAgenda
July 2nd, 2019Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
July 2nd, 2019VideoVideoVideo
July 2nd, 2019Video Part 2VideoVideo
July 16th, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
July 16th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
July 16th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
July, 30th, 2019Special MeetingSpecial MeetingSpecial Meeting
July 30th, 2019Special Minutes MinutesMintues
August 6th, 2019Water/Sewer Committee Meeting MeetingMeeting
August 6th, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
August 6th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
August 6th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
August 20th, 2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
August 20th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
August 20th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
August 20th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
August 22nd, 2019Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
September 3rd,2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
September 3rd, 2019VideoVideoVideo
September 3rd, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
September 17th, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
September 17th, 2019Video VideoVideo
September 17th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
September 23rd, 2019Parks and Recreation MeetingMeetingMeeting
October 1, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
October 1, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
October 1, 2019Video VideoVideo
October 15, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
October 15, 2019Executive AgendaAgendaAgenda
October 15, 2019VideoVideoVideo
October 15, 2019Minutes MinutesMinutes
October 15, 2019Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
October 21, 2019Parks and Recreation MeetingsMeeting
November 5th, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
November 5th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
November 5th, 2019Video VideoVideo
November 19th, 2019Agenda AgendaAgenda
November 19th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
November 19th, 2019Video VideoVideo
December 10th, 2019AgendaAgendaAgenda
December 10th, 2019Revised Agenda Revised AgendaRevised Agenda
December 10th, 2019VideoVideoVideo
December 10th, 2019MinutesMinutesMinutes
January 7th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
January 7th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
January 7th, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
January 21, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
January 21, 2020Video VideoVideo
January 21, 2020Revenue & Expense ReportRevenue & ExpenseRevenue & Expense
January 21, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
February 3rd, 2020Water/Sewer Committee Meeting MeetingMeeting
February 4th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
February 4th, 2020Video VideoVideo
February 4th, 2020Meeting Minutes MinutesMinutes
February 13th, 2020Special Special MeetingSpecial Meeting
February 18th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
February 18th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
February 18th, 2020Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
February 24th, 2020Parks & RecreationMeetingMeeting
February 25th, 2020Agenda- Special MeetingSpecial MeetingSpecial Meeting
February 25th, 2020Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
March 3, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
March 3rd, 2020Bills to be Paid BillsBills
March 3rd, 2020Video VideoVideo
March 3rd, 2020Water & Sewer Committee Meeting MeetingMeeting
March 3rd, 2020Meeting Minutes MinutesMinutes
March 17, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
March 17, 2020Agenda Revised AgendaAgenda
March 17, 2020Cuba declared State of Emergency OrdinanceOrdinance
March 17, 2020State of Emergency in Cuba, MO. State of EmergencyState of Emergency
March 17, 2020VideoVideoVideo
March 17, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
March 17, 2020Revised Minutes Revised MinutesRevised Minutes
April 9th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
April 9th, 2020Bills to be paid Bills Bills
April 9th, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
April 9th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
April 21st, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
April 21st, 2020Budget Revision BudgetBudget
April 21st, 2020Balance TransfersBalance TransfersBalance Transfers
April 21st, 2020Bills To be Paid BillsBills
April 21st, 2020Additional Bills to be Paid BillsBills
April 21st, 2020VideoVideo Video
May 5th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
May 5th, 2020BillBillBill
May 5th, 2020Bills to be paid Bills to be paidBills to be paid
May 5th, 2020Cuba North Survey SurveySurvey
May 5th, 2020Video VideoVideo
May 5th, 2020Minutes MinutesMinutes
May 19th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
May 19th, 2020Bill 1936Bill 1936Bill 1936
May 19th, 2020Additional Bills To be Paid BillsBills
May 19th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
June 4th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
June 4th, 2020Additional Bills To be PaidBillsBills
June 4th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
June 4th, 2020Minutes MinutesMinutes
June 8th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
June 8th, 2020Special Budget Meeting Budget MeetingBudget Meeting
June 16th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
June 16th, 2020Additional Bills to be Paid BillsBills
June 16th, 2020Video VideoVideo
June 16th, 2020Minutes MinutesMinutes
June 18th, 2020Special Meeting Minutes MinutesMinutes
June 24, 2020Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
July 8th, 2020Special Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
July 9th, 2020Additional Bills BillsBills
July 9th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
July 9th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
July 9th, 2020Minutes minutesminutes
July 21, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
July 21, 2020Bill NO. 1948BillBill 1948
July 21, 2020Bill NO. 1949BillBill 1949
July 21, 2020Bills to be Paid Bills to be Paid Bills to be Paid
July 21, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
June 30, 2020Semiannual Statement Semiannual Semiannual
August 4, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
August 4, 2020Airport Tree Cleaning RecommendationAirportAirport
August 4, 2020Bill No. 1950Bill 1950Bill 1950
August 4, 2020Bill No. 1951Bill no 1951Bill No 1951
August 4, 2020Bill No. 1952Bill bill
August 4, 2020Bills to be Paid BillsBills
August 4, 2020Bills to be Paid Bills to be Paid Bills to be Paid
August 4, 2020Minutes MinutesMinutes
August 4, 2020Video VideoVideo
August 18, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
August 18, 2020Bills to be Paid BillBills
August 18, 2020Revised Agenda Revised AgendaRevised Agenda
August 18, 2020Bill No. 1953Bill No. 1953Bill No. 1953
August 18, 2020Bill No. 1954Bill No. 1954Bill No. 1954
August 18, 2020Bill No. 1955Bill No. 1955Bill No. 1955
August 18, 2020Additional Bills to be Paid Additional Bills To be PaidAdditional Bills to be Paid
August 18, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
August 18, 2020Video VideoVideo
September 1, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
September 1, 2020Bills to be paid Bills to be paid Bills to be paid
September 1, 2020Street Engineering BidsStreet EngineeringStreet-Engineering Bids
September 1, 2020PZ RecommendationsPZ RecommendationPZ Recommendation
September 1, 2020Bill No. 1956Bill No. 1956Bill No. 1956
September 1, 2020Bill No. 1957Bill No. 1957Bill No. 1957
September 1, 2020Revised Bill No. 1957Revised Bill No. 1957Revised Bill No. 1957
September 1, 2020Additional Bills to be Paid Additional Bills to be Paid Additional Bills to be Paid
September 1, 2020Video VideoVideo
September 1, 2020Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
September 15, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
September 15, 2020Revised AgendaRevised AgendaRevised Agenda
September 22, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
September 22, 2020Bill No. 1936 second readingBill No. 1936Bill No. 1936
September 22, 2020Bill No. 1958Bill No. 1958Bill No. 1958
September 22, 2020Bill No. 1959Bill No. 1959Bill No. 1959
September 22, 2020Bills to be paid Bills to be paid bills to be paid
September 22, 2020Additional bills to be paid additional bills to be paidadditional bills to paid
September 22, 2020VideoVideoVideo
September 22, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
October 6th, 2020Agenda AgendaAgenda
October 6th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
October 6th, 2020Bills to be paid Bills to be paidBills to be paid
October 6th, 2020MinutesMinutesMinutes
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1964Bill No. 1964Bill No. 1964
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1966Bill No. 1966Bill No. 1966
October 20, 2020Bills to be Paid Bills to be PaidBills to be Paid
October 20, 2020Committee RecommendationsCommittee Committee
October 20, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1967Bill No. 1967Bill No. 1967
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1968Bill No. 1968Bill No. 1968
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1969Bill No. 1969Bill No. 1969
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1970Bill No. 1970Bill No. 1970
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1971Bill No. 1971Bill No. 1971
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1972Bill No. 1972Bill No. 1972
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1973Bill No. 1973Bill No. 1973
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1974Bill No. 1974Bill No. 1974
October 20, 2020Bill No. 1975Bill No. 1975Bill No. 1975
October 20, 2020Additional Bills to be Paid Additional BillsAdditional Bills To be Paid
October 20, 2020Video VideoVideo
October 20, 2020Minutes MinutesMinutes
November 5th, 2020Bill No. 1967Bill No. 1967Bill No. 1967
November 5th, 2020Bill No. 1968Bill No. 1968Bill No. 1968
November 5th, 2020Bill No. 1969Bill No. 1969Bill No. 1969
November 5th, 2020Bill No. 1970Bill No. 1970Bill No. 1970
November 5th, 2020Bills to be PaidBills to be PaidBills to be Paid
November 5th, 2020Budget RevisionsBudget RevisionsBudget Revisions
November 5th, 2020Incentive ResolutionIncentive ResolutionIncentive Resolution
November 5th, 2020Balance TransfersBalance TransfersBalance Transfers
November 5th, 2020Bill No. 1976Bill No. 1976Bill No. 1976
November 5th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
November 5th, 2020Video VideoVideo
November 5th, 2020Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
November 17th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
November 17th, 2020Bill No. 1977Bill No. 1977Bill No. 1977
November 17th, 2020Bills To Be PaidBills to be PaidBills to be Paid
November 17th, 2020Additional bills to be paidBills to be paid Bills to be paid
November 17th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
November 17th, 2020Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
December 1, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
December 1, 2020Bills to be Paid Bills to be paidBills to be paid
December 1, 2020Video VideoVideo
December 10, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
December 10, 2020VideoVideoVideo
December 10th, 2020Meeting Minutes MinutesMinutes
December 17th, 2020Bill No. 1980Bill No. 1980Bill No. 1980
December 17th, 2020Bill No. 1978Bill No. 1978Bill No. 1978
December 17th, 2020Bill No. 1981Bill No. 1981Bill No. 1981
December 17th, 2020Bill No. 1982Bill No. 1982Bill No. 1982
December 17th, 2020Bills to be Paid Bills to be paid Bills to be paid
December 17th, 2020AgendaAgendaAgenda
December 17th, 2020VideoVideoVideo
December 17th, 2020Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
January 7th, 2021AgendaAgendaAgenda
January 7th, 2021Bill No. 1983Bill No 1983Bill No 1983
January 7th, 2021Bill No. 1984Bill No. 1984Bill No. 1984
January 7th, 2021Bills to be PaidBills to be PaidBills to be Paid
January 7th, 2021Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesMeeting Minutes
January 7th, 2021VideoVideoVideo
January 19th, 2021AgendaAgendaAgenda
January 19th, 2021Bill No. 1985Bill No. 1985Bill No. 1985
January 19th, 2021Bills to be PaidBills to be PaidBills to be Paid
January 19th, 2021Fund Balance Transfers & Budget Revisions as of 12/31/20Fund Balance Transfers & Budget RevisionsBalance Transfers & Budget Revisions
January 19th, 2021Meeting MinutesMinutesMinutes
January 19th, 2021VideoVideoVideo
February 2, 2021 AgendaAgendaAgenda
February 2nd, 2021FY 2020 AuditFY 2020 AuditFY 2020 Audit
February 2nd, 2021Incentive ResolutionIncentive ResolutionIncentive Resolution
February 2nd, 2021VideoVideoVideo
February 2nd, 2021Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesMeeting Minutes



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August 1, 2017

August 4, 2017

August 15, 2017

Septemeber 5, 2017 Part 1 | Part 2

September 19, 2017

October 3, 2017

October 17, 2017 – not recorded

November 21, 2017

February 6, 2018

February 20, 2018

June 19, 2018

October 16, 2018

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