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Day Camp

June 13, 2017

Cuba Police Day Camp – I am proud to announce that the Cuba Police Department will host and conduct a Youth Summer Day Camp the week of July 24th. The Summer Day Camp is designed to bring law enforcement and the local community together. This program will foster a positive, interactive, and trustworthy environment between police officers, sheriff’s deputies, other emergency services personnel, and the youth in our community. The Summer Day Camp represents a unique experience for Cuba, MO area youth to understand and explore all aspects of policing and public safety.

But I will need adult help. Some volunteers who like being around kids. If you are interested in helping/volunteering for all or part of this Cuba Police Summer Day Camp, Please call me at the Cuba Police Dept. (573-885-7979). All Volunteers will need a background check which we will happily do. This is to ensure the safety for all participating children. Please Help Us!!!!

Unfortunately we will have to limit the number of kids that will be able to attend this camp. Depending on how many Adult Volunteers we can get will determine how many kids we can have at this camp. Please Volunteer……..

Last modified: January 22, 2018

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