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Water quality preventative maintenance program

October 8, 2019

Citizen advisory

Water quality preventative maintenance program

Part of our continuing effort to distribute high quality potable water, the City of Cuba will conduct a temporary Water Quality Preventive Maintenance Program.  The program will involve temporary chlorination in order to optimize water quality within the distribution system. The process will also include flushing of the distribution system to clean the water mains.


Free chlorine generally is used for approximately two months, or until the distribution system has been completely flushed.  This process will begin October 21st and the process should be finished approximately mid December.

Chlorine will be added at each well location and will be distributed throughout the entire water system.

During the Preventative Maintenance Program, some customers may notice a temporary taste, color or odor differences in their water. This is a normal component of the process and customers should be reassured that water quality remains safe for drinking, bathing, cooking and other uses. Most customers will not notice any change.

There are three groups of water users that should take special precautions during the Preventive Maintenance Program:

  1. Hospitals and kidney dialysis/patients
  2. Fish, pond, pool and aquarium/operators, and
  3. Some businesses that use water in their production process

Those who fall into any of the above categories are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice concerning removal methods for chlorine from their water supply.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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